1. The answer is zero. 白忙了
  2.  You are just trying to saving face.  你只是想挽回面子
  3.  How do I address you? 我这么称呼你?
  4.  I'm fed up with him. 我受够他了
  5. They crowned him king. 他们拥立他为国王
  6.  I'm you lucky fellow then.  我就是你的幸运舞伴啦
  7.  The price just covers the cost. 这个价格正好抵消成本
  8.  Don't beat around the bush. 不要拐弯抹角了
  9.  What's the rush? 什么事那么匆忙
  10.  It's out of the question. 这是不可能的
  11.  You can never tell. 不知道
  12.  far from it 一点也不
  13.  The sky is getting very cloudy. 天空的云越来越多了
  14.  I got sick and tired of hotels. 我厌倦旅馆
  15.  Walt invented the steam engine. 瓦特发明了蒸汽机
  16.  I'm mad at myself. 我生自己的气
  17.  He owned himself defeated. 他承认自己失败了
  18.  I don't feel up to that. 我觉得不能胜任那工作
  19.  Example is better than precept. 言传不如身教
  20.  We're all for it. 我们全都同意
  21.  I have been putting on weight. 我开始发胖了
  22.  He grasped both of my hands.  他紧握我的双手
  23.  His argument doesn't hold the water. 他的论点站不住脚
  24.  He's capable of any crime. 他什么坏事都干得出来
  25.  Easy come easy go. 来得容易,去的快
  26.  She's under the weather. 她心情不好
  27.  Don't give me that. 少来这套
  28.  I'm here on business. 我来这里出差
  29.  Let's give him a big hand. 让我们给他鼓掌
  30.  They charged the fault on him. 他们把过错归咎于他
  31.  I need small change. 我需要零钱
  32.  He shot a lion with a gun. 他用枪打死了狮子
  33.  That's always the case. 习以为常了
  34.  Opportunity knocks but once. 机不可失,时不再来
  35.  He always talks big.  他总是吹牛
  36.  Do you have any openings? 你们有空缺吗
  37.  He's taller than I by a head. 他比我高一头
  38.  He resovled to give up smoking. 他决心戒烟
  39.  He paused for a reply. 他停下来等着回答
  40.  This milk has gone bad. 这牛奶变质了
  41.  That was a close call. 太危险了,千钧一发
  42.   Be careful not to fall ill 注意不要生气吧
  43.  I'm pressed for time.  我时间紧迫
  44.  She is sick in bed. 她卧病在床
  45.  It will come to me. 我会想起来的
  46.  What's this regarding? 这是关于什么的
  47.  draw your chair up to the table 把你的椅子拉到桌子旁边来
  48.  Is the cut still painful? 伤口还痛吗
  49.  My effort resulted to nothing. 我的努力毫无结果
  50.  We are divided in our opinions. 我们意见分歧
  51.  Stay out of this matter, please 请别管这事
  52.  I'm all mixed up. 我全搞混了
  53.  She is a composer for the harp. 她是为写竖琴曲的作曲家
  54.  That's a terrific idea. 真是好主意
  55.  He won an election. 他在选举中获胜
  56.  You won't get away with this. 你逃不掉惩罚的
  57.  Not a sound was heard. 一点声音也没有
  58.  15 divided by 3 equals 5.  15/3=5
  59.  I don't mind staying up late. 我不在乎熬夜
  60.  You are just in time. 你来的正是时候
  61.  Can you keep a eye on my bag? 能帮我看一下包吗
  62.  I ache over. 我浑身酸痛
  63.  I‘m flattered. 过奖了
  64.  She mended the broken doll. 她修补了坏了的娃娃
  65.  This is only the first half. 这才是上半场呢
  66.  What a good deal. 真便宜
  67.  make up your mind 做决定把
  68.  I'm afraid all my effort were in vain. 我担心我的努力都白费了
  69.  You did fairly well. 你干的相当不错
  70.  It is growing cold. 天气变冷了
  71.  I will play it by ear. 我会见机行事的/到时候再说
  72.  He puts me to shame. 他使我蒙羞
  73.  It's a matter of life and death. 事关生死
  74.  She dressed herself hastily. 她匆忙穿上衣服
  75.  He lacks courage. 他缺乏勇气
  76.  You've got a point there. 你说的挺有道理的
  77.  Do you accept credit cards? 你们收信用卡吗
  78.  Being criticized is awful. 被人批评真痛苦
  79.  What do you desire me to do? 你想让我干什么
  80.  It's a pain in the neck. 真是件麻烦事
  81.  Brevity is a soul of wit. 简洁是智慧的精华
  82.  Thank you for coming to see me off. 感谢为我送行
  83.  What's your favourite steps? 你最喜欢的舞是什么
  84.  I'm feeling under the weather.  我觉得不舒服/情绪低落
  85.  He's only about five feet high. 他大概只有五英寸高
  86.  He does everything without aim. 他做事都漫无目的
  87.  He led them down the mountain.  他带他们下山
  88.  Don't cry over split milk. 覆水难收
  89.  You are a chicken. 你是个胆小鬼
  90.  over my dead boby 休想
  91.  I get holf of you at last. 我终于找到你了
  92.  Supper is ready at six. 晚饭六点就好
  93.  Don't just shake you head. 别光摇头,想想办法
  94.  I beg your pardon. 请你原谅
  95.  Don't  get on my nerves. 不要搅得我心烦
  96.  No spitting on the street. 禁止在大街上吐痰
  97.  The road divides here. 这条路在这里分叉
  98.  Don't bury your head in the sand. 不要逃避现实
  99. Don't underestimate me. 不要小看我
  100.  Someone is ringing the bell. 有人在按门铃
  101.  He is respectful to his elders.  他对长辈很尊敬
  102.  Did you enter the contest? 你参加比赛了吗
  103.  It's up in the air. 悬而未决
  104.  Neck and neck 不分上下
  105.  Money will come and go. 钱乃身外之物
  106.  Don't trust to chance. 不要碰运气
  107.  If I were in your shoes. 如果我是你的话
  108.  That was a lousy movie. 这电影糟透了
  109.  What's so funny 有什么好笑的
  110.  It hurts like hell. 疼死了
  111.  I don't have the nerve to do it. 我没勇气去做
  112.  He hit the ceiling at the news. 他听到这消息大发雷霆
  113.  How late are you open? 你们营业到几点
  114.  I've heard so much about you. 久仰大名
  115.  I have a runny nose. 我流鼻涕
  116.  I felt sort of ill. 我感觉有点不舒服
  117.  I develop films myself. 我自己冲洗照片
  118.  Your life is your own affair. 你的生活是你自己的事
  119.  I'm up to my ears in work. 我忙死了
  120.  The rumor had no basis. 谣言没有根据
  121.  He has a remarkable memory. 他有惊人的记忆力
  122.  I have a sweet tooth. 我喜欢吃甜食
  123.  You're wasting your breath. 你在白费口舌
  124.  I'm under a lot of pressure. 我压力很大
  125.  She turns me off. 她使我厌烦
  126.  All that glitters is not gold. 发光的不全是黄金
  127.  Show your tickets,please 请出示你的票
  128.  We have thirty minutes to kill. 我们有三十分钟空闲时间
  129.  Truth is the daughter of time. 时间见真理
  130.  Lying and stealing are immoral. 说谎和偷窃都是不道德的
  131.  for the time being 暂时/目前
  132.  He is in his everyday clothes, 他穿着平常衣服
  133.  Clothes make the man. 人要衣装
  134.  The wall has it ears. 隔墙有耳