Understand and code analayise software the same as sourceinsight

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1. What are the system requirements for Understand?
2. How do I reset Understand to the default settings?
3. Can I run Understand on a 64bit OS?

Yes you can. Most platforms have a 64bit specific build, but the 32bit Understand should run fine on all 64bit Operating Systems as well.

On Linux/Unix you will probably need to install your system's 32-bit compatibility libraries.

On Debian based systems (including Ubuntu) the IA32 package will provide everything you need. The command sudo apt-get install ia-32-libs should be all you need to run. Then Understand should launch with no problems.

I don't have a Redhat/Fedora 64bit machine to test this on, but from what I've read the following commands will install the necessary libraries.

# up2date -i "@Compatibility Arch Development Support"
# up2date -i "@Compatibility Arch Support"

I actually couldn't find much information about running 32bit apps on Fedora or Redhat other than this forum post. If you know or find a better way to do this, let me know and I will update these instructions.