qutebrowser 只用键盘操作的浏览器

一个 Qt 库制作的最简化浏览器,内核是 Chromium。最大特点就是它自带命令行,可以完全用键盘操作。


链接:https://share.weiyun.com/5Y2Ajvn 密码:mwc4qn


  1. Use the arrow keys or hjkl to move around a webpage (vim-like syntax is used in quite a few places)
  2. To go to a new webpage, press o, then type a url, then press Enter (Use O to open the url in a new tab, go to edit the current URL)
  3. If what you’ve typed isn’t a url, then a search engine will be used instead (DuckDuckGo, by default)
  4. To switch between tabs, use J (next tab) and K (previous tab), or press <Alt-num>, where num is the position of the tab to switch to
  5. To close the current tab, press d (and press u to undo closing a tab)
  6. Use H and L to go back and forth in the history
  7. To click on something without using the mouse, press f to show the hints, then type the keys next to what you want to click on (if that sounds weird, then just try pressing f and see what happens)
  8. Press : to show the commandline
  9. To search in a page, press /, type the phrase to search for, then press Enter. Use n and N to go back and forth through the matches, and press Esc to stop doing the search.
  10. To close qutebrowser, press Alt-F4, or :q, or :wq to save the currently open tabs and quit (note that in the settings you can make qutebrowser always save the currently open tabs)