5 - Management

Via the application module of the yarn cli

See the source code entry at ApplicationCLI.java

5.1 - Kill

Yarn - Yarn CLI

yarn -kill application_id

5.2 - Stop

yarn -stop <Application Name or ID>

5.3 - Status

yarn app -status <ApplicationId or ApplicationName>

5.4 - Launch

yarn app -launch <Application Name> -updateLifetime and -changeQueue -appTypes <Types> <File Name>
# or to start a saved application
yarn start <Application Name>
# or with YARN code bundled in a jar file 
yarn jar <jar> [mainClass] args...


  • -updateLifetime and -changeQueue alter the values provided in the file.
  • -appTypes specify which client implementation to use

If a queue is in STOPPED state, new applications cannot be submitted.

If an app specifically lists a queue in a container resource request, the request is submitted to that queue.

A yarn app is submitted programmatically with a YarnClient interface. See Yarn - App Dev

5.5 - Move to queue

Yarn - Yarn CLI move to queue

yarn app -changeQueue <Queue Name>
# movetoqueue is Deprecated
#yarn app -movetoqueue <Application ID>

For the fairScheulder, an attempt to move an application to a queue will fail if the addition of the app’s resources to that queue would violate the its maxRunningApps or maxResources constraints.

5.6 - Modify the number of container

change the number of components/containers running for an application

yarn app -flex <Application Name or ID> -component <Component Name> <Count>

5.7 - Develop

5.8 - List

Yarn - Yarn CLI

yarn app -list


  • by type -appTypes <Types>
  • by tag -appTags <Tags>
  • by state -appStates <States>

See also top

5.9 - Top

yarn top
YARN top - 14:00:34, up 11d, 2:41, 0 active users, queue(s): root
NodeManager(s): 3 total, 3 active, 0 unhealthy, 0 decommissioned, 0 lost, 0 reb
Queue(s) Applications: 20 running, 759 submitted, 0 pending, 739 completed, 0 k
Queue(s) Mem(GB): 153 available, 146 allocated, 0 pending, 0 reserved
Queue(s) VCores: 44 available, 50 allocated, 0 pending, 0 reserved
Queue(s) Containers: 50 allocated, 0 pending, 0 reserved

                  APPLICATIONID USER             TYPE      QUEUE   #CONT  #RCON
 application_1522322322495_0274 sshuser    informatica blaze    default      12
 application_1522230994452_0133 admin       mapreduce    default       5
 application_1522322322495_0687 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0684 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0682 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0033 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0060 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0058 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0020 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0019 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0018 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522307230623_0016 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0233 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0232 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0231 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0237 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0235 admin       mapreduce    default       2
 application_1522322322495_0726 admin           spark    default       1
 application_1521626910869_0002 hive            spark  thriftsvr       1
 application_1521626910869_0001 hive            spark  thriftsvr       1

5.10 - Log

yarn logs -applicationId application_1520929888341_0011

5.11 - History