RFC笔记,IPv6 Node Requirements

Request for Comments: 6434,IPv6 Node Requirements
  • 路由器节点必须能够生成链路本地地址

5.9.2. IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration - RFC 4862

Hosts MUST support IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration as
defined in [RFC4862]. Configuration of static address(es) may be
supported as well.

Nodes that are routers MUST be able to generate link-local addresses
as described in [RFC4862].

From RFC 4862:

The autoconfiguration process specified in this document applies
only to hosts and not routers. Since host autoconfiguration uses
information advertised by routers, routers will need to be
configured by some other means. However, it is expected that
routers will generate link-local addresses using the mechanism
described in this document. In addition, routers are expected to
successfully pass the Duplicate Address Detection procedure
described in this document on all addresses prior to assigning
them to an interface.

  • 对于嵌入式设备,网络管理或许是控制这些节点的唯一可能的方式

13. Network Management

Network management MAY be supported by IPv6 nodes. However, for IPv6
nodes that are embedded devices, network management may be the only
possible way of controlling these nodes.

  • IPv6节点需要支持的管理信息库有,IP转发表MIB,IP MIB

13.1. Management Information Base (MIB) Modules

The following two MIB modules SHOULD be supported by nodes that
support a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent.

13.1.1. IP Forwarding Table MIB

The IP Forwarding Table MIB [RFC4292] SHOULD be supported by nodes
that support an SNMP agent.

13.1.2. Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol (IP)

The IP MIB [RFC4293] SHOULD be supported by nodes that support an
SNMP agent.